Talia Abrams, known to most of us as Tal, has been listening to people professionally for over twenty years. Tal found her way to her greatest gift when she realized the power of listening. When one truly listens and can hear what others are experiencing, there is a discovery in the power to listen to oneself. Only then you can find what you need within. One can always connect in helping others, but it is hard to seek and find how to help ourselves.

Tal works with people in search of finding their truth. It does not matter what one is experiencing, there is always a question we are wishing we knew the right answer to. She believes her clients can conquer their fears by offering a place where they can be themselves.


Each week Tal and a guest will help guide a caller who grapples with that ever so common human conundrum, ‘What should I do?’  

Divorce, health, moves, breakups, plastic surgery, age, noise, boredom, finance, marriage, prenups, coming out, insecurities, true desires, etc.

“The truth is erotic.” -Tal

If you are feeling like you need help to find your truth please shoot us an email with your question to talk2tallia@gmail.com. One great way to know the truth is to ask for it.

Talk2Tal is as private as you need it to be. We believe in discretion. We all struggle when trying to uncover the truth about the hard things we are frequently considering. We all try to make the choice that best works, but so often we need to hear others give us their take without judgement, as an honest loving opinion. We all often ask people what they think we should do when we are going through something. It helps to hear our thoughts reflected back to us and the direction of our choice. Now we move objectively. Now there is Talk2Tal.

The truth is hard to find, even in ourselves, we look forward to helping you find it.